Pool Committee

The responsibility of the Pool and Recreation Committee is to assist the Board in routinely reviewing the maintenance and operation of the pool and common area recreation facilities.  In the spring, members provide advice and feedback regarding pool hours and needs for the new season.  This committee may also provide advice for ways to improve the facilities in the future, should funds become available.  

Pool Committee Charter

Pool Rules
Pool Party Policy Please allow a few days after submitting form for someone to contact you in regards to the Pool Party Request.

Committee Members:

  • Open- Committee Chair
  • JoAnn Flores - Board Liason
  • Mary Shade

To email the committee go to pool@jonaswoods.com.

Volunteer service time and effort by the HOA board, pool committee and all friends of the pool make the pool a valued neighborhood asset.  The pool is not a singular responsibility or effort, so please become an active contributor to the successful operation of our pool for this great neighborhood.

Pool keys can be mailed to the homeowner or they can pick them up at the Spectrum offices. The first key is free, replacement keys are $150.00. A Pool Card/Key Request Form needs to be submitted to our office (fax, mail, or brought in person to our office) prior to issuing a key.

Pool Contractor: Our current pool water management contractor is Aquatic Commercial Solutions, Inc. (ACS). If you notice any problems with water quality or other issues at the pool, please contact our property manager at Spectrum, the pool committee, and/or the board.

Pool Committee Volunteers Needed! The pool committee is currently in need of volunteers. The current chair would like to step down due to other commitments. Please email the Board or Pool Committee if you are interested in volunteering your time.

Welcome to the Jonas Woods Pool Committee web page! 

Neighbors we are looking for volunteers to help patrol the pool after hours.  If you are walking or driving after 10:00 pm and notice unauthorized pool visitors, and if you feel comfortable please politely notify the swimmers that the pool is closed (hours 6:00 am. to 10:00 pm).  If you are uncomfortable please feel free to contact the Schertz Police Department via their Non-emergency number (Police desk): 658-5123.  If you are uncomfortable to contact the Schertz Police department, please feel free to contact the board or the pool committee via email. 

Things to remember

  • Do not allow anyone to follow you in the gate at the pool. 
  • Please DO NOT prop open the pool gate, and ensure that only your guests are entering the pool. 
  • Remember to clean up after yourself and your children when visiting the pool.  We have found things such as; towels, empty drink cups, socks, toys and band-aids.  This is a community area that needs to be kept clean. Thanks for your support!
  • Please be respectful regarding the number of guests you bring to the pool in consideration of all home owners in the neighborhood.

Owners and tenants please ensure that you know the pool rules. We have seen problems this year with teens inviting a lot of guests without a parent chaperone. Teens may not invite guests ONLY the homeowner and tenant may invite guests.

Pool Documents and Forms

Here is additional pool resource: